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Jack Swagger talks his frustrations with WWE

Apart from logic lapses in storylines, WWE is also criticized regularly for not capitalizing on angles and killing the momentum of stars who are over with the crowd.

During his recent appearance on Busted Open Radio, former WWE Star Jake Hager talked about this issue and detailed his frustrations with the company during his time there.

Hager said that the WWE Officials are not going to do anything if it makes sense and for them to go forward with anything, it has to not make sense:

If it makes sense up there [in WWE], they are not going to do it. It has to not make sense for them to want to go forward with it, that part gets frustrating because you see so many times that I had really cool moments in my career and then the next day it gets stopped for no reason and who knows why.

The star formerly known as Jack Swagger went on to explain how this was frustrating for him because he was putting his body on the line and giving his heart to the people:

Maybe I did something or maybe it’s the powers that be that chose it but it is really frustrating because you put your body on the line; you put your back on the line and your neck on the line and give your body to these people and you go out there and give your heart to these people and all of a sudden it is taken away. You don’t even have an explanation for it and then you are back at the bottom of the pile again. I don’t think you can sustain, that is not a good business model.

  • CC

    And he still never got over despite multiple pushes. He can vent all he wants, but he was still boring as hell on the mic. And bland as hell personality wise.

  • Moe

    Boring as hell? This is on WWE no the talent!

  • Rinn13

    Conversely, he was, unlike most of the “big sweaty men” Vince obsesses over, a good wrestler with a sound amateur background. The dude can actually put on a good match, and I think he was a lot better than many of Vince’s so-called “darlings”, like Sheamus or Braun Stroman, etc. It also isn’t as if it’s unheard of, or a made up fact, that WWE tends to both waste talent, and also push guys only to nonsensically stop their pushes abruptly. There were guys like RVD, Hurricane, Shelton Benjamin, Carlito, MVP, Cesaro, Booker T circa WM19, etc. etc., who were super over with fans, and WWE either stopped their push or had them buried and stopped doing anything meaningful with them.

    Hell, I remember Viscera’s comeback run in 2004/5, and there was a series of weeks where he was getting SUPER over with the fans, a huge fat guy like that. And then he suddenly stopped getting pushed, rumor being that HHH himself influenced that, not liking that he was getting more over than HHH. True or nor, Big Vis was getting way over, and conventional wisdom says, if someone is getting over with the fans, push them. IE give the fans what they want to see. That’s what happened to Stone Cold and Mankind, they got pushed more because fans were into them. Or there was the series of weeks where Hurricane Helms was SUPER over, getting wins over Ric Flair and The Rock on Raw, nearly getting a win over HHH, etc. That dude was on fire, and by all rights, “goofy” gimmick or not, they should have pushed him to the moon while he was that hot. Instead, they moved on and practically forgot all those big singles wins they gave him.

    Besides, if Jake wants to vent his frustrations over how his WWE career went, that’s his right. And we’ll see how his AEW run goes, once he actually starts wrestling. He seemed to do alright during his stint in Lucha Underground.

  • CC

    The fact is, with the exception of the “We the people chants”, fans never bought into Swagger as he was boring as hell. He can say all he wants about the whole thing with sense vs no sense and him putting his body on the line etc, but if you ain’t over with the fans, then you have to at least take partial blame if not all of it. He had numerous pushes, and he just did not catch on. There were far more popular guys on the roster while he was getting pushed, and they were getting buried because Vince loves big sweaty men.