Jack Swagger talks about his WWE release

Jack Swagger recently appeared on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast and for the first time after his release from the company he talked openly about his time in WWE. Below are some of the highlights from the interview:



Talking about the days before his departure from WWE, Swagger revealed how he thought moving to SmackDown might do something for his character.

Though the move didn’t help the former World Champion much and according to him it was the time he knew he needed a change even though WWE offered him a new contract:

“Pretty much they told me that I deserved a raise and they wanted to sign me for another five years and into my 40s. What they were offering and what I had averaged over the decade that I had worked for them was way off. So after ten years with the company, I needed a change and like I said earlier I need to journey out and become the best professional wrestler I can but also I needed a change to make them miss me and want me back”

Continuing on the topic, he also revealed how WWE tried to cut off the momentum he had when he was paired with Zeb Colter and Cesaro under the ‘We The People’ persona:

“They took Cesaro away from The Real Americans and tried to cut off “We The People”, we turned baby face, we wrestle a Russian, we have one of the biggest matchups of the year and one of the biggest matches of my career against Rusev and I turned baby face instantly over night. That is “We The People”. After that, nothing and they cut the legs out from it again”

Though at the end, the former WWE Star revealed that he left the company on good terms even though he was angry for a long time before that:

“I was angry for a long time but once this all came down and I looked at it as a business decision so I understood their side, understood my side and we left on good terms and it is just something we had to do. I look forward to getting out there and showing everyone ALL of the Jack Swagger brand not just what they wanted to show you guys.”

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