Jackie Chan Sadly Rejected Sylvester Stallone

Action star Jackie Chan, popular for his high-risk stunts recently expressed that in Hollywood, action stars were mostly overshadowed by technology in movies, including The TerminatorRambo, and Jurassic Park. He also claimed that anyone could replace the leads and it wouldn’t affect the movie much.



Jackie Chan turned down movie with Sylvester Stallone

The Crime Story star revealed that he has been approached for The Expendables 4, similarly to its last two predecessors, but he again refused to work as The Tuxedo star wishes to share Stallone alone. The Expendables franchise is known for its big celebrity star cast, and it looks like Jackie Chan is in no mood to be a part of all this, fearing his character’s role. The Chinese Zodiac star also revealed that he wanted to work with the Rambo star in a proper project where he gets a decent amount of screen time along with Sylvester Stallone.

“…this morning I did hear – the office called – Sly [Stallone] wants me for Expendables 4. I said, ‘Okay.’ Because they already asked me to be in two and three, but I refused. Well, I didn’t refuse, but I said, ‘Sly, can’t we just do you and me? Not just a bunch of people and me only coming out for five minutes.’ Because then the audience is, ‘Oh!’ And then I’m gone.”

Jackie Chan failed to make a big impact in his initial Hollywood days and the Rush Hour actor almost decided to leave the industry. However, after he came across Sylvester Stallone in the sets of Demolition Man, and found that everyone respected his work and he felt proud. Chan later revealed that this moment was the turnaround in his career, as it reignited his desire to succeed in Hollywood. He wrote:

“My burgeoning friendship with Stallone—now twenty-five years strong—gave me the inspiration to try one more time”

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