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Jake Hager talks about his feelings regarding WWE character

Jake Hager went under the name Jack Swagger in WWE. He eventually parted ways with the company and focused on Bellator. Now he is working with AEW and is enjoying the freedom that he did not have in WWE.

Hager spoke to Wrestling Inc, where he talked about his WWE character. He said it felt “choreographed” and compared his time in WWE to working with AEW.

“As cool as Jack Swagger was, he felt choreographed. I look at that as a 20-year-old Jake Hager. Now, Jake Hager is in his 30’s, he’s been around the world a couple of times, he’s got culture, he’s got experience. He’s just a, smarter, more well-developed human being.”

Hager is now booked as an unstoppable and undefeated Bellator fighter in AEW. However, his last fight in Bellator ended in a no-contest.

  • Keith Learmonth

    And that’s it, really. I criticise AEW not out of malice, but because I want them to be -better-. I want them to be a real alternative to WWE, not just yet another show that barely scrapes by week after week.

  • CC

    I just think that while people need to give AEW some leeway while they find their feet, they should still be called out on bad booking (or bad commentary) just as everyone does with WWE.
    If people keep making excuses for stuff like this, nothing will change. One of the biggest hopes with AEW is that unlike WWE, they will listen to their fans and make changes as and when it makes sense. Hager should not have been brought in until he can actually do something impactful (not kneeing in the balls).

  • Keith Learmonth

    Add in this week’s AEW, where he has apparently been booked as “Guy who knees people in the balls”, and it really starts to make you hope they have something more for him, because if that’s it, it’s… not good.

  • CC

    Because Swagger was hyped as being this huge deal and has made zero impact. Plus, he continues to use the “We the people” gimmick in MMA despite Jericho stating it was a bad gimmick created by bad creative. That does Hager zero favours.

  • Rinn13

    I really don’t understand the hate some people throw at this. Either you’re a WWE, in which case who cares where Jack Swagger is now or what he says. Or you’re an AEW fan, in which case he only recently showed up, and is bound to have more of a “character” and make more of an impact in time. Or you’re not a fan of either, in which case…again, who cares what Jack Swagger says?

  • JAckh45

    Yet all he does now is stand still looking blank at the camera. Thats some great culture there Jake….