Jake Paul Drops Megan Fox Bombshell

The former UFC Double Champion Conor McGregor made the headlines with his actions at MTV VMA awards last weekend in Brooklyn, as he got involved in a tiff with Machine Gun Kelly on the red carpet. It seems McGregor might have mistaken him for the YouTuber-tuned-pro-boxer Jake Paul. Israel Adesanya ‘Goes After’ Authorities In Photos



Jake Paul reacts to the actions of Conor McGregor

Paul opened up on the incident as he finds it hilarious that ‘The Notorious One’ might have gotten confused between MGK and Paul. The YouTube sensation also stated that MGK handled the situation well as he did not get hot.

Paul said:

“Some people are saying that Conor McGregor mistook him for me because we look the same, like blonde hair, little bit tall,” Paul told ESPN. “That was like the rumor that happened, I think it’s hilarious. Conor McGregor is a real fighter, why is he on a celebrity red carpet throwing drinks at Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly? It’s just disrespectful. But Kells handled himself like a professional, he didn’t get hot, he didn’t retaliate because I think he knows that Conor just looked like an idiot. This guy is falling apart and trying to find any reason to get attention.”

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