Jake Paul ‘Exposes’ Tyson Fury Family Lies

Jake Paul knows how to shake and ruffle up a few feathers. After all, social media, YouTube, and TikTok are what really helped both brothers to catapult their careers to heights not often seen for other influencers in those spaces. Jake is now using his platform to speak up about injustices like how he feels that Dana White doesn’t pay his fighters enough and how he feels fights are fixed. Now, it looks like Jake Paul has his eyes set on Tyson Fury. Will Jake fire off a wrath of hate onto Tyson Fury and how will this play out? Tyson Fury Posts Sad Hospital Photo Of Daughter.



Let’s face it, If Jake Paul stepped in the ring with Tyson Fury, we all know how that would end. While that may be out the window, there is someone in the Fury bloodline that wants a piece of Jake Paul and he may even leave Paul in pieces.

Enter Tommy Fury. Tommy Fury (who is the younger brother of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury), plans to make his American boxing debut against Anthony Taylor. While the focus should be on that fight for Tommy as he follows in a huge shadow, it looks like Tommy is more concerned with Jake Paul.

Jake and Tommy have went back to back at each other over recent weeks as Jake Paul stated about Tommy Fury: “He comes from a legendary family name and background and the social media – I don’t really know how he got famous. I think he did reality shows. It could potentially lead to a path where you see Jake Paul versus Tommy Fury.”

Fury then was noted as saying: “For every bad thing he has said, he will get a swift right hand for it. I will break every bone in his face.”

Jake Paul then came back at this by stating: “It sounds like someone handed him a script for him to read off, ‘I’m going to break every bone in his face!’ He’s got nothing real to say – ‘You crossed the line, buddy!’ This isn’t sixth grade. This is the fight business, this is the boxing business. He boxes because he was told to do so by his dad. He doesn’t have that real heart, that real fighter inside of him. He is doing this because it’s something his brother did. It’s something his dad did and he sees it as a way to make some money. If we ever get into the ring, I’m going to expose him.”

Just how far can this go?

Special thanks to BoxingScene for the transcription.

Dustin Schumacher
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