Jake Paul Family Pedophile Accusation Revealed

Hasim Rahman Jr., opponent of YouTuber-turned-pro-boxer Jake Paul on August 6 recently made some bold comments about the latter’s father. Ahead of their highly anticipated bout, Hasim Rahman Jr. responded to Paul, who had taken a few shots at his opponent’s family in the build-up to their fight.



Hasim Rahman Jr. makes bold comments on Jake Paul’s father

Rahman Jr. recently stated that Paul shouldn’t talk about family legacy as his family has done nothing. He further taunted Paul’s father by calling him a pedophile while also taking a shot at his brother, Logan Paul. He said:

“Jake Paul, you don’t wanna talk about families and family legacy. His father is a pedophile, his brother [Logan Paul] is in the closet. So, you know, he don’t really want to go back and forth with the whole family legacy thing. What has his family done? His family ain’t done nothing.”

‘Gold Blooded’ has also labeled Paul as a fraud. ‘The Problem Child’ has garnered a lot of attention ever since making his way into the boxing ring. He has also been talking about fighter pay, especially for the fighters in the UFC. However, Rahman Jr., believes Paul doesn’t care about the narrative he’s trying to sell. During a recent interview with DAZN, Hasim Rahman Jr. suggested that he’s getting less money than what Tyron Woodley made against Jake Paul. While discussing his pay for his upcoming bout against ‘The Problem Child’, ‘Gold Blooded’ said:

“It’s funny, because Jake Paul was like the one to start bringing all this fighter pay stuff out. But he finally in a fight with a real boxer and you’ve been advocating for boxers to get more money and all this, but you pay the first boxer you fight.”

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