Jake Paul Gives Woman ‘Unfair’ Payment

Claressa Shields recently made some bold claims about Amanda Serrano’s paycheck for her fight on Jake Paul’s undercard. She said that Serrano was underpaid.



Claressa Shields reveals the paycheck of Amanda Serrano

As it turns out there is a huge gap in the pay of male and female boxers. Serrano had faced Yamileth Mercado in a ten-round bout on the undercard of Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley. Serrano dominated the entire fight and won the bout via unanimous decision. Jake Paul Leaks ‘Fixed’ Floyd Mayweather Fight

According to the Ohio State Athletic Commission, both Paul and Woodley earned an official purse of $2,000,000 but the world-renowned boxer Serrano earned just $75,000 for her bout.

While speaking to MMA Junkie, Shields said:

“Amanda Serrano fought for 75,000. My last purse when I fought with Showtime was for 350k. Where is the justice? Amanda Serrano’s the seven-time division world champion, 40-0 with 32 knockouts. Like 75,000 and how much Tyron Woodley get paid and how much did Jake Paul get paid?… But she gets 75,000. Come on now, like that’s not even nowhere near fair.”

“Look I understand and I love what he’s trying to do by speaking on women’s boxing or for speaking on boxing. Look I respect it but, no woman should have to fight on the undercard of somebody she’s more accomplished than and if they want to do that, go ahead.”

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