Jake Paul Leaks Heartbreaking Evander Holyfield News

The YouTuber-turned-pro-boxer Jake Paul recently said that boxing legend Evander Holyfield should not have been allowed to fight Vitor Belfort by Triller, saying it was risky for his health. It is to be noted that Holyfield suffered a loss after a dominant performance by Vitor Belfort at Saturday’s Triller Fight Club ‘Legends Night 2’ event. Vitor Belfort Using Drug For Evander Holyfield Fight?



Jake Paul opens up on Evander Holyfield:

“[Vitor] beat up an old man. Holyfield is a legend, but he shouldn’t be fighting someone in his early 40’s. He should be fighting Mike Tyson.”

Paul recently expressed his desire to have a fight with Vitor Belfort. The former UFC star Belfort marked his first win inside the ring since his boxing debut in 2006. Belfort wasted no time in calling out internet star Paul after the win, with Triller co-founder Ryan Kavanaugh putting a massive offer on the table for ‘The Problem Child’.

And Belfort said after his win:

“We’ve got $25m. Winner takes all! Let’s go Jake Paul, stop running from me. He earned my respect, but he’s still a Disney kid! Let me teach you a lesson. You’re going to be my kid, I’ll be your daddy. I’m going to put you on my lap, you’re going to sleep like a baby. You better start training, all of your fans are going to be Vitor Belfort fans. I’ve got family, you don’t have family… America needs me, not you!”

We will see if they ever go head to head inside the squared circle.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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