Jake Paul Leaks ‘Humiliating’ Vitor Belfort DM’s

Vitor Belfort defeated Evander ‘The Real Deal’ Holyfield in convincing fashion this past weekend and not too soon after, Belfort made his intentions known that he would like to challenge either of the Paul brothers for a potential next matchup. However, the former UFC champion along with Triller co-founder Ryan Kavanaugh would up the ante by issuing a multi-million dollar offer to Jake Paul. Belfort would state after the match: ” “We’ve got $25m. Winner takes all! Let’s go Jake Paul, stop running from me. He earned my respect, but he’s still a Disney kid! Let me teach you a lesson.” A Top name recently ‘went after’ Jake Paul at Saturday’s Triller event.



Now it appears like we have an answer from ‘The Problem Child’ himself as during a recent MMA hour interview, Paul would respond to the challenge laid out by Belfort. However, the Internet content creator turned boxing sensation was less than impressed over ‘The Phenom’s actions.

Paul said on the podcast: “This guy has been in my DM’s since 2017 begging me for a fight.”

In addition, he said Vitor’s son asked him for a picture at a football game a few years ago, and Vitor looked pissed off. He said Vitor went on a 5-minute pitch on why they should fight.

Paul would continue to brush off Belfort by stating: “Just leave me alone old man.” and proclaiming that Belfort is ‘obsessed’ with him.

Furthermore, Paul would add: “He’s on steroids. That doesn’t really excite me.”. The popular entertainer turned combat sports star would end by mentioning that he would only be interested if the $30 million offer was wired to him in escrow.

Vitor Belfort then texted Helwani to tell Jake live on the air, “Tell my son to don’t run away to meet his big daddy there’s no way out. I got $30 million, winner take all.”

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