Jake Paul Leaks ‘Pathetic’ Conor McGregor Contract

Jake Paul tweeted after Conor McGregor lost to Dustin Poirier at UFC 264, “My new offer for Conor Mcgregor is $23 dollars.” Jake had been offering Conor a $50 million contract to box.



While UFC 264 was set to be one of the biggest events in company history, it has not been without it’s faults. The mega event, which featured the final chapter in the trilogy between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier could be bought for 69.99 dollars via traditional pay-per-view providers as well as ESPN+. However, combat sports fans have been reporting that there have been various issues with the ESPN+ streaming app. This interesting bar photo of UFC 264 headliner Conor McGregor recently leaked.

Taking to social media via Twitter, several UFC fans have reported the app freezing and other technical issues. One user with the account name of ReyderRey stated: “ESPNPlus is so trash! Always freezing and kicking out to home in the middle of UFC fights. Dana White You have to raise the expectation [of] ESPN’s service. We actually pay for this crap. While J.P. Hughes said: “coverage of the UFC events are a joke. Picture quality is like watching a dodgy stream for 50% of the time. Keeps losing picture altogether. No chance I’m keeping this subscription.”

In addition Amelo Soul vented his frustrations with the following tweet directed to the ESPNPlus Twitter account by proclaiming: “We’re only on the prelims and the app is already crashing. Are the services gonna be able to handle the traffic for tonight’s UFC main event?”


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