Jake Paul Mom Brutally Attacks Hasam Rahman Jr.

The YouTuber-turned-pro boxer Jake Paul recently called off the entire Madison Square Garden card which was scheduled to take place next weekend. ‘The Problem Child’ claimed that his planned opponent Hasim Rahman Jr. was refusing to cut any weight from his 215lb frame. The fight was initially set at the cruiserweight limit of 200lb before Jake Paul agreed to move it to 205lb. However, he claims he bulked at the suggestion of fighting at 215lb given he normally weighs in at 190lb.



Jake Paul’s mother was quite harsh with her reply

Jake Paul’s mother recently came to the aid of her son and sent out an explicit response of Rahman Jr. And after Paul and Rahman Jr had their say, the former’s mum Pamela Ann Stepnick tweeted:

“You’re a p****, Hasim Rahman Jr”. Rahman Jr issued an explicit reply, tweeting: “Somebody put something in this wrinkled bish mouth my zipper stuck, and we’re going to see who da p**** when you run into my mam.”

Jake Paul also took note of the Tweet and mentioned the situation is bad as her mother sent out a Tweet:

“when my mom calls you a pussy that’s when you know it’s bad”

You can check out the Tweets:

Jake Paul was recently called out by Jussie Smollett co-conspirator Bola Osundairo.According to TMZ Bola Osundairo recently told Paul to keep the date open and to fight him under the bright lights. The 28-year-old 2-0 pro is best known for his involvement in the Jussie Smollett controversy. Osundairo said that his high profile involvement with Smollett could help sell the fight with Paul.

“People know me,” he said. “People know of me. I’m one of the Nigerian brothers involved in the Jussie case, the Jussie Smollett case. So it will sell, this fight will sell. People know me more than Hasim Rahman Jr. Nobody knows him outside of boxing.”

“This will be a real fight,” added Osundairo. “This won’t be like the Jussie Smollett fight. This will be a real actual beatdown, Jake Paul. So after I beat you up your name’s gonna change to Jackie Paulette.”


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