Jake Paul ‘Rejects’ KSI Fight For Sad Reason

Jake Paul seems to be done with KSI. Even though KSI was done with Paul’s brother when Logan suffered a loss to KSI. All that said, it seems the time of moving forward is upon us and Jake Paul will end this where it all began…Logan Paul ‘Passes Out Drunk’ In Video.



When all of this social media celeb boxing started, or as I like to call it, “meme boxing”, KSI was at the very birth of it. His first series with Logan Paul was among the first high-profile boxing crossovers that spawned various imitations in the years that followed.

After that, it all became bigger than ever as Logan Paul went on to fight one of the greatest to ever do it, Floyd Mayweather Jr. Jake Paul has secured knockout wins over athletes of many different backgrounds. The Paul brothers both appear to have their eyes set on bigger spectacles, and are evidently no longer interested in fighting other social media celebrities.

Due to the Paul brothers actually making a decent name for themselves in the sport, Jake and Logan will be moving on outside of “meme boxing” and heading towards more and more legit matches. Even though many would want to see Paul and KSI at it and as the younger Paul brother sought to avenge Logan’s earlier loss to KSI, a fight now looks to be nothing more than a pipe dream.

Jake states about KSI: “He needs me more. I’m getting paid eight figures for fights and he’s coming in and wants $3m-$4m.That was two to three years ago.”

From “the Fury’s” to “the McGregor’s,” the Diaz brothers, and even “the Canelo’s,” Paul is keeping his options open. “I want all the smoke,” he said in a recent Mike Majlak vlog. Majlak asked “What about KSI?” though, and Paul responded: “I think I’m done.”

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