Jake Paul Reveals Floyd Mayweather ‘Shooting’ Claim

Jake Paul is one of the most popular sensations to hit the boxing world as many outsiders and experts have believed that he, along with his brother and fellow internet star Logan Paul have created a resurgence in boxing’s popularity. Paul is scheduled to face UFC star Tyron Woodley in late August. Tyron Woodley recently dropped this Jake Paul girlfriend bombshell



However, during a new video uploaded to Paul’s official YouTube channel, the ‘Problem Child’ did a little bit of flexing and he showcased a new purchase – a brand new Lincoln Navigator luxury SUV. Paul was greeted by the vehicle after landing in his private jet. Wrestling-Edge transcribed the following quotes.

Paul: My new whip is right here. Look at that – I’ve never gotten off of a jet into a brand new car.

After showing off his ‘Problem Child’ license plate, Paul added this controversial line.

Paul: “That’s how you get shot by Floyd Mayweather’.

Jake Paul ‘ripped off’ this UFC great in recent photo. In other news regarding Jake Paul, UFC icon Rashad Evans recently talked to ESPN’s Brett Okamoto about the upcoming Paul-Woodley fight and gave his thoughts on how he thinks the encounter will go down. Credit to BJPenn.com for the below.

“So I think it may be a little bit of a tough fight because of the fact he’s going to be a little bigger than Tyron, but I can’t see Tyron losing,” he added. “I really can’t see Tyron losing. This Tyron that is being engaged right now, I think that this is the Tyron that can go out there and show that he’s the Tyron that he’s always been, that he is the five-time defending world UFC champ, and all those things. Tyron’s got power, Tyron’s got hand skills, Tyron’s got all of those things. So it’s just a matter of if Tyron doesn’t allow himself to be so caught up in the whole theatrics of it all, to get his mind away from what he needs to do inside the ring.”

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