Jake Paul Reveals Nate Diaz Bank Payment News

The YouTuber and social media darling turned-pro-boxer sensation Jake Paul never holds back from speaking his mind about paychecks offered by UFC. Without question, both Paul brothers are some of the most opinionated names in all of combat sports. Jake Paul recently called upon the UFC to offer Nate Diaz a highly lucrative remuneration package to compete against some of the biggest names in the promotion, including Conor McGregor, Dustin Poirier, and Jorge Masvidal.



Jake Paul opens up on the matter

In a recent post on Twitter, Paul played Diaz’s manager as he argued in favor of the UFC cutting Diaz a big check. He pointed out that Diaz should receive $20M or 20% of the total revenue collected from the event and not just pay-per-view sales.

Check out Jake Paul’s post on Twitter right here:

“Monday [money bag emoji] lesson: Nate Diaz should be guaranteed $20M per fight or 20% of the revenue of the event for fighting any of Dustin, Conor, or Jorge. That’s 20% of all revenues (not just PPV). Pretty simple math. If you dispute this then you don’t know shit about the fight business.”

It was noted that the Tweet came shortly after Nate Diaz demanded his release from the UFC with a post on social media, hinting at the fact that his contract negotiations with the promotion had fallen apart.

Previously, after seeing that nine fighters received bonuses at UFC Fight Night: Volkov vs. Aspinall, he said: “Love seeing fighters get paid!”

Then, he had also pitched his idea, which was seemingly inspired by that increase in bonuses.

“Commit $50K bonuses for every winner. $600K per UFC event. 45 events [with] 12 fights, [which equates to a] total payout of $27M (2.7% of revenue).

“If the winner doesn’t deserve it [or it’s a] boring fight, spread the $50K to ones that do on the card.”

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