Jake Paul Rigs Tyron Woodley Rematch In Video?

A fan has posted a video theorizing that Jake Paul signaled to Tyron Woodley it was time to take a knock out in a video Aljamain Sterling retweeted. Paul knocked out Woodley in the 6th round of their rematch in Miami.



Former UFC star Michael Bisping recently gave his take on YouTuber-turned-pro-boxer Jake Paul turning down a drug test for the canceled fight against Tommy Fury. Chael Sonnen Drops Jake Paul Drug Bombshell

Michael Bisping opens up on the incident

Bisping called it ‘bizarre’ as he noted all the hype that ‘The Problem Child’ has created around his fight with Tommy Fury. He shared his thoughts on the incident as he said the following:

“Recently, you know, we have seen the rise of Jake Paul. Jake Paul is doing great things in combat sports and he’s young in his career. But I just saw, a moment ago an MMA Junkie article and he said that um, MMA Junkie said that he has refused a drug test for his latest fight, or not refused a drug test, he hasn’t allowed drug testing to happen, for his latest against Tommy Fury, which is bizarre, you know, he’s put in all kinds of stipulations about ‘you got to change your name to Tommy Fumbles’ and this and that. There’s all kinds of things in there, all kinds of stipulations, lots of rules, lots of work for the lawyers to put in, but he refused or said he didn’t want to have VADA testing in there. Which is, I don’t know, that’s a little suspect, I don’t know, I mean if you’ve got nothing to hide.”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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