Jake Paul Savagely Threatened By Famous Model

Jake Paul has disclosed that he earned a staggering $30 million (£25 million) despite losing his first boxing match to Tommy Fury. The former YouTuber and children’s television personality put up a good fight against Fury, the younger sibling of heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, during their eight-round bout in Saudi Arabia. Although Paul dominated for some of the fight, he failed to secure a knockout punch, resulting in two judges declaring Fury the winner by a split decision.



In a video posted on Instagram, the 26-year-old Paul was seen feigning tears before breaking into a grin, captioning the footage, “When you lost but made $30m.” Despite the loss, the fight garnered significant interest, and the pair may meet again in a highly lucrative rematch. Paul indicated that he would trigger a contract option for a second bout, stating that his preparation for the first encounter had been hampered by illness and injury. He acknowledged Fury’s victory and expressed his desire for a rematch, saying, “We can run it back. I think we deserve that rematch. This is definitely a humbling experience. I’ve made it further than I ever thought that I would, and beyond.”

Sophie Larissa Weiss has returned and is challenging Jake Paul to a boxing lesson, claiming that she could teach him a thing or two about the sport. The fitness model, who is known for beating up men in her living room for a fee of $600 per hour, has expressed her dislike for the YouTuber and enjoyed watching him lose to Tommy Fury. Sophie has offered to make Paul her practice dummy, either for extra cash or as a chance to improve his skills.

Sophie had some harsh words for Paul’s performance, claiming that she could have knocked him out. She also criticized his performance in the fight, stating that he looked scared and lacked direction in his punches. Whether or not Sophie’s insults will be part of her training regimen for Paul is unclear, but she had no problem throwing them his way.

“Even I could knock Jake Paul out! And now that his career has ended maybe he can join me in Barnsley and help me beat up these dudes for extra cash or maybe he can be my dummy that I practice on.

Maybe I can teach him a thing or two.

I thought Jake looked scared and kept anticipating a lot.”

“When he went for it he would just aimlessly swing his arms around, he didn’t look like he knew what he was doing.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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