Jake Paul ‘Throws Punches’ At Logan In Photo

Logan Paul and Jake Paul have a relationship that many brothers share. The dynamic duo are very close to one another and support each other insanely highly as both have done their part in becoming huge household names in every meaning of the term. All this said, sometimes a brother has to fight a brother to prove a point and as much as Logan tried, it looks like Jake may have got one up on him this time….Floyd Mayweather ‘Embarrassing’ DM’s Photo Leaks.



On Instagram, Logan Paul posted a few photos of him and Jake Paul on the beach. While you would think that the two were having a great time out, it looks like they had a scuffle which was captured on camera.

In the photos, Jake is leading the entire scuffle as he drags Logan Paul and then throws him on the ground to take it to a whole new level. You can check out the photos below.

Someone else getting dragged lately in Tyron Woodley’s mother. That’s right, Jake Paul and his cronies have sunk so low to get buys on the upcoming fight showcasing the two that they planned on attacking Tyron Woodley’s mother.

Usually, you would see this kind of back and forth drama in professional wrestling, but now Jake Paul has brought that into his daily schtick in order to boost his likeness and social media. It’s working.

Recently, we saw Tyron Woodley and Jake Paul’s final press conference as both parties got into a heated argument after Paul’s teammate, J’Leon Love, reportedly insulted Woodley’s mother, Deborah.

As of right now, there’s no word on what was said, but speaking to The Mac Life, she stated: “I don’t know (why J’Leon Love was talking to me). He said that he was doing his job. Maybe that’s what he gets paid to do.” said Deborah Woodley.

When Woodley asked Love if he was talking to his mother, Paul, who was standing behind him, responded:

“Yeah, he is talking to your mom”.

So, if I had to venture a guess, nothing was actually said to Woodley’s mom. J’Leon was probably being respectful to her and letting her know it was all part of the act as he really said nothing at all to her in order to, as stated above, boost buys.

Special thanks to SportSkeeda for the info.

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