Jake Paul Uses Drugs With Top UFC Fighter

The YouTuber-turned-pro-boxer Jake Paul recently recalled the time when he was with Sean O’Malley and they were on “certain substances” while partying together outside of their fighting careers.



Jake Paul reveals the incident with Sean O’ Malley

During the first episode of his new show, ‘BS with Jake Paul’, ‘The Problem Child’ discussed his and O’Malleys’ careers. He went on to talk about being on substances:

“Me and you are very similar where we like to go f***ing crazy,” Paul said. “Like me and you have been off on certain substances and at an extreme level of not sobriety basically together where we were doing reckless things.

“We have never talked about this because we were both fully sending it, but where do you draw the line? Where it is like we are jumping on top of the SOS sign or we are on top of training camp?” O’Malley replied: “When I am sending there is not really a line, I like to go crazy and see how I can get.

“But I think it is the level of discipline I put into my training camps, I am like 12 weeks out with not partying and I am dialled in and I am sober. There is a level of extreme level of discipline for training camp and I have that same level of discipline to go hard and I have to go hard. I don’t know how to sip a couple of drinks.”

O’Malley is currently in training camp ahead of his huge shot against Petr Yan, which is set for UFC 280 on October 22 in Abu Dhabi. Meanwhile, Paul recently called off the entire Madison Square Garden card which was scheduled to take place next weekend. ‘The Problem Child’ claimed that his planned opponent Hasim Rahman Jr. was refusing to cut any weight from his 215lb frame. The fight was initially set at the cruiserweight limit of 200lb before Jake Paul agreed to move it to 205lb. However, he claims he bulked at the suggestion of fighting at 215lb given he normally weighs in at 190lb.

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