Jake Roberts Retires, Piper Wins Legends Battle Royal, Shane Helms, More

– Jake “The Snake” Roberts wrestled his retirement match against former WWE star Kizarny during the PWG show at WrestleReunion 5 in Los Angeles this weekend. Roberts won the match but gave no farewell speech after the victory. Roberts received an ovation and chants from the crowd but just left with a wave.



There was also a Legends Battle Royal at the show which saw Jimmy Hart, Tito Santana, Mike Graham, Danny Davis, Barry Orton, The Barbarian, Rock Riddle, Shane Douglas, The Warlord, Chavo Classic Guerrero, Shane Helms, Bob Orton, Cruel Connection, Mando Guerrero, Terry Funk, Savio Vega, Vampiro, Val Venis, Roddy Piper and Tatanka. Piper won the battle royal and ended up getting into it with Funk in what was said to be a great segment.

Some of the other talents on the show included Generation Me, Gene Okerlund, Harley Race, Paul Orndorff, The Iron Sheik, Low Ki (Kaval), ODB and others. Jim Neidhart and Ken Patera were scheduled to be in the Battle Royal but were announced as not being able to participate at the start of the show.

In addition to working the battle royal, Shane Helms also wrestled Joey Ryan in singles action. When Helms came out for the match, there were “HBK” chants from the crowd and lots of heat during his promo. Before Helms lost the match, he was hit with Shawn Michaels’ Sweet Chin Music by Ryan but no sold it and responded with a slap to the face and Ric Flair’s figure four. After the match, the fans chanted “don’t come back” at Helms. Helms responded and said “I’ve made millions and you ain’t made s**t.” It seems Helms’ recent online attacks aimed at Michaels haven’t made him many fans.

Source: PWInsider

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