Jake “The Snake” Roberts on his managerial role with Lance Archer and his own promos

Jake “The Snake” Roberts suddenly popped up on AEW earlier this year and immediately made the platform his own. The WWE Hall of Famer is currently managing Lance Archer and the pair seems to be working fine together.



In a recent interview with Wrestling Inc Daily Podcast, the Hall of Famer talked about his new client Lance Archer, his own promo-work as well as a few things related to AEW.

In regards to Archer, Roberts said his job is to enhance the young Superstar, whom he’s already taught a few moves since their pairing. He said that Archer is a “super-guy” and that he’s looking forward to working with him.

I had never seen him work at all but he’s a super-guy. We did the training thing but I’ve still yet to see him wrestle in person. I’m looking forward to it and maybe I can pitch him a couple of things that he can use. My job is to enhance him and that’s what I’m trying to do. He has to go out and do the work and I like that idea.

I’ve already given him a few things that he’s tried. I taught him a pitchfork move and he went right after it and is excited about it. I just wanna help; I don’t care who called me. I’ve been wanting to help for a long time. I understand a lot of people are weary of me from my past. But my history is not my destiny now and I’ve been clean for almost 10 years.

Roberts was then asked about his ability to cut phenomenal promos years after his retirement from in-ring competition. He said that it was “embarrassingly easy” for him and that it is a gift that he’s grateful for.

It is so easy for me. It’s really embarrassing how easy it is for me. I wish I could tell people that I sit down and talk about it for an hour. Nope, it’s usually about 5 or 10 minutes. It’s a gift and thank the Lord for giving it to me.

I think what it is, is that you’re on the road for 30 or 40 years and you hear every smart-ass remark. Over the years, you’ve heard so many that you’ve got lots of them in a bag that you can throw on people as you go. I’ve got them, I remember them and I’m using them.



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