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James Ellsworth fired from SmackDown

Paige, the General Manager of SmackDown, looked to announce AJ Styles’ opponent for Summerslam. However, she was cut off abruptly by one  James Ellsworth. Ellsworth demanded a shot at Styles’ WWE Championship and threw jabs at the Champ.

Ellsworth then turned his attention to Paige and took shots at her appearance and her accent. Paige declared that she’d had enough of Ellsworth and went on to fire him. Security came in and escorted Ellsworth to the back.

Paige literally kicked Ellsworth out of the building, possibly indicating the end of his latest SmackDown run.


  • Fredrick

    I didn’t say it, may have implied it. But whatever he does after visiting is up to him, I’m in no place to judge him.

  • Brian

    I wonder if this is a work, and he’ll be back in a while (again).

    I like Ellsworth, he brings a certain amount of comic relief to the show.

  • Rinn13

    So you’re saying that you hope the actual guy, literally dies in real life? Classy.

  • Stupid WWE

    Sure glad they brought him back so they could knock Asuka, the most over women in the company next to Ronda, down the card. I like Ellsworth okay, and I didn’t have a problem with Asuka not winning if they didn’t want to have her win the title, but you don’t have Asuka get pinned clean. You have Ellsworth interfere and get Carmella DQed so she can retain the title. The SD writers have made Asuka look like a complete idiot since she moved over from Raw.

  • oppa

    I thought you had to get hired first before you can be fired

  • Fredrick

    I hope he visits the church of euthanasia.