James Ellsworth on who invited him to dress in talent’s locker room

Former WWE Star James Ellsworth recently appeared on the Talk Is Jericho podcast of Chris Jericho where he talked about his time in WWE and more.



During the interview, he revealed that he hadn’t signed a contract with the company while he was involved in a storyline with AJ Styles and he only signed a deal after Survivor Series 2016.

Continuing on the topic, James also revealed that he dressed in the locker room for extras for a long time and it was Bray Wyatt who invited him to dress up in the talent’s locker room:

“Bray Wyatt’s like, ‘yeah, Ellsworth, stop dressing in that extra talent dressing room. I was wrestling AJ [Styles] for the world title and I was still dressing in the extra talent dressing room! I didn’t want to make anyone mad about walking into the WWE locker room, so Bray Wyatt was the one to say, ‘no, you’re with us now.’ He was the one. And I think when I got released, I texted him, ‘hey man, you’re the one who did this for me and I won’t forget that.'”

Apart from this, James Ellsworth also talked about his release from the company and more.

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