James Gunn Drops Sad Keanu Reeves Bombshell

Last September it was announced that star Keanu Reeves and director Francis Lawrence were to reunite for the long-awaited sequel to the duo’s 2005 DC Comics adaptation Constantine, and while it was initially reported that the project had survived the DC Studios revamp, the latest update sounds a little less positive.



Keanu Reeves talks about the matter

Speaking to Steven Weintraub of Collider during a recent press junket for John Wick: Chapter 4, Keanu Reeves talked about Constantine 2 and gave a hopeful yet somewhat telling comment regarding its status, revealing that: “[James Gunn and] DC world [is] re-evaluating whether or not they want to do a Constantine with me in the movie. So fingers crossed!”

Fans had hope for Constantine 2 when a spokesperson from WB confirmed to EW that everything is still on track as planned concerning the highly anticipated sequel. It has been noted that DC Studios is going through a revamping under the leadership of co-chairs James Gunn and Peter Safran.

The plan was to reset the DC Universe and give it a new singular vision but also explore ‘Elseworlds’ stories – DC movies outside of Gunn and Safran’s intended cinematic universe.

Reeves’s statement casts some doubt on that, but he could be trying to remain vague in hopes of not leading fans on. With a planned Swamp Thing film in the works, Reeves could even appear in that film even as a surprise cameo, given the two DC characters’ history in the comics. The actor will next star in John Wick: Chapter 4, which is set to open on March 24th.

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