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James Storm appears at Crockett Cup and challenges for NWA National Championship

James Storm NWA


Tonight at the Crockett Cup, we saw Colt Cabana challenge Willie Mack for the NWA National Championship. It was an entertaining bout all around, and for a while, it seemed like the champion was going to retain.

We even got to see more of a serious side from Cabana who, for the majority of his career, has always played a more lighthearted goofball kind of character, reminding fans just how good he actually is. In what some may call a shocking moment, Cabana managed to pin Mack after a moonsault, taking the championship in the process.

However, he wasn’t able to celebrate too long, as James Storm returned to the NWA. After bashing management for refusing to let someone other than a “suit” hold the Ten Pounds of Gold, he congratulated Cabana on his victory. He ended his statement by revealing that he was coming for the title, though, and said that this was Cabana’s one warning.