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James Storm on why he chose Impact over NXT

James storm on why he choose Impact over WWE NXT

Impact Star James Storm recently had an interview with Wrestlinginc where he talked about his career, why he chose Impact over WWE NXT and more. Below are some of the highlights from his latest interview:

Talking about Impact Wrestling which has been his home for well over a decade, James recalled the time when he first signed with the company and said that it has managed to keep growing despite the bumps on the road:

“You know, it was 2002 when I first started with Impact Wrestling. I was one of the first guys that he (Jeff Jarrett) signed. So I’ve been here since the beginning. Just to see the company grow over the last 15 years – you know it had its bumps on the road and stuff, but it still has managed to just keep growing – even if it’s a little bit. “

When asked why he chose to return to Impact instead of signing with NXT, Storm said that the timing wasn’t right:

“You know, I think it was just timing. To me, I think timing has to be right and everything. I talked to people I was working with at the time, and they completely understood, where I stood, and they wished me luck. And they said, hopefully if things don’t work out, we can do business in the future.”

While Storm Appears to be hopeful that he can do business with WWE in future, considering the fact that he is 40 years old now, the chances of seeing him in a WWE ring somewhere down the line are not very bright.

  • JC Bolden

    Short term yes. In the long run the machine may have been more money and brighter lights. From a quality of life n financial standpoint he won

  • D2K



    **2 1/2 times not 5


    Storm said on the Jim ross podcast or the taz show(i cant remember) that the reason he went with tna was that tna offered 5 times the money that wwe did. He said triple h told him take the money, the door is open for nxt anytime.

  • CC

    In some ways it helps him become the top star by not having all the other “bigger” stars there, but in other ways, by not having the “bigger” stars there to work with does not help his star shine brighter.

  • Sparti Love

    What a waste of James Storm. He returned to TNA, only to see AJ, Young, Samoa Joe, and his former partner Roode leave for WWE/NXT shortly after. I’m sure he regrets his decision to go back to TNA.