James Storm nearly returned to WWE before COVID-19 outbreak

“The Cowboy” James Storm was recently in talks with WWE. According to the man himself, he was set to return to the company earlier this year.



In fact, shortly after the Royal Rumble, James Storm found out the company was interested. Apparently, Paul Heyman was high on him and was trying to get the former TNA World Champion to WWE around Mania season. In an interview with Pro Wrestling Sheet, Storm said:

“I get home and I see I got an email from Canyon Ceman saying, ‘Hey, we’re interested. Paul Heyman wants me to reach out and bring you to RAW.’ I was thinking like, ‘Wait… I think Bobby is going to RAW. This could be interesting.’ Ya know?”

Storm, who is still one-half of the NWA Tag Team Champions, was going to drop the belts during the Wrestlemania weekend. He’d spoken to Dave Lagana and Billy Corgan, who both agreed to let him out of his deal.

With Bobby Roode moving to Monday Night RAW earlier this year, it looks like we nearly got the WWE debut of Beer Money. Unfortunately, COVID-19 put a halt to the reunion.

Storm said that he’d done basically everything, including the social media background check. All he’d needed to do was the physical right before WrestleMania. James Storm even said that he’d had the gear made as well.

Storm said that they’d talked back in July, and plans are still in place, but until things return to some sort of normalcy, everything is on hold. With Bobby Roode reportedly set to return to TV soon and WWE desperately needing tag teams, could James Storm show up sometime this year?

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