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James Storm Reveals Who His Dream Opponent Would Be

TNA star James Storm appeared on episode 103 of The Ross Report. Here are the highlights.

On possibly WWE run:

“I wouldn’t really say [having a WWE run] is a bucket list goal, but no matter what any wrestler says, when you get into the [professional wrestling] business and start training and stuff, the ultimate goal is to make it to WWE and to have that WrestleMania moment. And a lot of guys will say, ‘no, I just want to make money for my family’ and stuff, and that’s great, but in the back of your mind, you want to have that run and that’s me too. I’d still like to have a good WWE run to show what I can do, as they say, on the grandest stage of them all.”

On who his dream opponent is:

“It’d be [Triple H] because he knows how to be a heel. And he’s not out to try to get a cheer. He’s going out to do a job and that’s to make people hate him. That way, they like the babyface more.”

You can listen to the entire podcast here:

  • CC

    If he says that he would like to face HHH and every wrestler wants a WM moment etc, why would he pass up the opportunity to continue in NXT unless he really thinks there was no chance of him getting a full contract?
    Yeah, he says its not a bucket list thing to go to WWE, but then says its the ultimate goal for all wrestlers.
    If that really is the case, why walk away from that before you have even had your chance to see how big or buried you would be?
    He is not getting any younger. and who knows when he is likely to get another chance, especially as now WWE is going to be more wary of him after walking away from them.