James Storm reveals who wanted to bring him in WWE

James Storm, former NXT star recently opened up on Busted Open Radio podcast about who wanted to sign him for WWE and what was the reason behind that.



James Storm names Paul Heyman to be wanting him to sign

During the podcast, ‘Cowboy’, the former TNA star discussed the desire of Paul Heyman to sign him for the company. He said that the reason was simple. Heyman was eyeing to sign someone who had experience and could put over young wrestlers. Thus, he picked Storm.

He said:

“It was Heyman that wanted to bring me into RAW and he was basically like, ‘Hey, I need guys like you that know how to work’ because I tell everybody all the time, ‘WWE, AEW, New Japan, they get guys that can do every move in the book.’ I said, ‘There ain’t no move that you’re going to come up with that one of those guys can’t do.’ I said, ‘There’s a lot of guys who don’t make it really believable even more’ in my eyes anyway.”

During a brief stint in WWE, Storm never rose up through the ranks, neither did he won multiple Championships in the company. The main motive of the signing was enhancing the young talents in the company and he was not brought in to be the main event star.

Storm made his return to NWA in 2019. Following his arrival in the company he won several championships. He made his last appearance in NWA in this year’s January as he and Eli Drake lost the Tag Team Titles.

In September, his contract expired with NWA and he became a free agent.

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