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James Toney Calls Out Rampage Jackson

James Toney didn’t seem to take his loss get back in August at his UFC debut against Randy Couture as an end to his MMA career. Toney is said to be once again looking for an MMA paycheck though this time his target is Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.

“The only thing that the Fake Mr. T has to do is sign the contract. Rampage is a decent club fighter and if he thinks his club fighting style can match my skills, then he is crazy as hell. What? Is he mad because I called him an Uncle Tom or because I said Detroit wouldn’t accept him? (Laughing) My boy said Rampage stayed in his room and they were in Auburn Hills. They knew better than to go to the D where I’m from. Rampage is still an Uncle Tom and I will go on record and say he is not dumb enough to stand and trade with me. Machida almost knocked him out, so what do you think I would do to him. Rampage is a black redneck. He better stick to hanging with them white boys and keep my name out of his mouth. I ain’t hard to find; sign the contract!”

A lot of talk coming from a boxer that failed horribly at his debut in the UFC. Maybe second time is a charm.

  • Emerson

    I don’t like james toney at all but to say he can’t make it in boxing is rediculous, he is a great boxer! He is just no mma fighter, he probably could beat rampage in a boxing match but if he thinks rampage would only trade punches he is stupid, Toneys game plan is non existant he wants to find a fighter he thinks that will be stupid enough to box with him and he won’t. I guess maybe he forgets that rampage is a pretty decent wrestler who will just follow coutures lead and take him down the first chance he gets!

  • Gary

    James Toney just need to quit MMA & Boxing all tohgether, But he does have some trash talking…Hell, James, I haerd TNA is looking for big names to sign lol

  • Matt

    this I wanna see, just make sure to have Toney’s coffin by the Octagon 😀

  • Mike Oxafloppin

    Oh my god! Somebody please hit James Toney with a car and knock him out for good! This mush mouth mother f ucker needs to just freaking disappear!

  • donners

    give it a rest toney!!

    you can’t make it as a boxer, you won’t make it in mma either.

    give it up, go home and stop talking rubbish.

  • Leroy

    Rampage would kill this fool. “Machida almost knocked him out, so what do you think I would do to him.” HAHA Machida would knock you out with ease Toney. You suck and should retire all together. Rampage fighting you is like taking 10 steps back.