Jamie Foxx Brutally Insulted Kanye West

Popular actor Jamie Foxx is one of the talented figures in Hollywood. He has starred in iconic roles in films like Django Unchained and Ray, for which he received an Academy AwardFoxx’s impressive acting prowess is demonstrated by his effortless crossover between tragic and humorous parts.



Along with being a talented actor, Jamie Foxx is also a successful singer who has collaborated with well-known musicians and released several albums. He once collaborated with young Kanye West and was fascinated with his exceptional talent in music and producing excellent songs.

Since the release of his critically acclaimed 2010 album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, which brought about a dramatic transformation in rap music, Kanye West has been the dominant figure in hip-hop and rap.

Even though most of them don’t look good on him, the rapper from Yeezus is still in the spotlight these days for a variety of reasons. But back in the day, he was an icon in the industry, his music releases were widely famous earning him enough fame and reputation to be remembered for generations to come.

During a YouTube talk show, Jamie Foxx was stunned when the young Kanye West performed a little piece for him and also wanted Foxx to perform one of his original songs. Though the Sleepless actor did perform the song, West was utterly disappointed with his version of it, this dismay in the young guy’s expression pissed Foxx too.

“My boy Breyon brings this kid in, with his jaw busted, has a backpack on. I said ‘who’s that’, he said ‘that’s Kanye’. I said ‘what is a Kanye?’, cause you know it was strange. He said, ‘well, he’s a producer, but he also raps. He’s about to be the one’, I said okay. So I go up to him I said when people come to my house they got to perform.

The motherf***er performs some sh*t that was so incredible and then he goes, ‘I got a song that I think you’ll be good on’. We go in the studio and he said the song goes, ‘She said she want some Marvin Gaye, some Luther Vandross’, okay young fellow I got it, let me sing it for you. ‘She said she want some Maaaaaarvin’ and he was like, ‘uh don’t do that’.

He went from that smile, to the frown, you know who he be like. I’m thinking he ain’t gonna make it, this song is whack right, I go do a bad movie, for like 12 weeks. It’s number 1 in the country. That’s how the music was birthed. So it came out of something organic, it was a hit song so that opened the door for me to then, further go on and, you know do other things”

However, Foxx went on to perform the song and subsequently film a video for it too which because a hit music video, reaching number 1 in the country. This was an unbelievable scenario and a starting ground for the team and Jamie Foxx as it allowed them to explore more in the industry.

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