Jamie Foxx Cocaine Bombshell With Actress Leaks

With over three decades in the entertainment industry, Jamie Foxx undoubtedly possesses a treasure trove of captivating Hollywood stories. Recently, he shared a particularly amusing anecdote involving a prominent actress, cocaine, and an amusing case of mistaken identity during an appearance on Tank and J. Valentine’s new podcast, R&B Money.



While Jamie chose not to disclose the name of the actress, he recounted an incident where he found himself in a hotel room with her, witnessing her indulgence in cocaine. However, he made it clear that he abstained from partaking in the drug due to his religious beliefs.

As the night progressed, the actress, under the influence of the substance, seemingly became convinced that Jamie was none other than Rick Fox, the former Los Angeles Lakers player. Jamie humorously recalled how she repeatedly referred to him as Rick Fox throughout the evening.

I ain’t saying no names,” Jamie said. “But I was in a hotel room with a very prominent actress and she was doing cocaine. I wasn’t, I wasn’t, I was not doing it. I don’t do that because of my religious beliefs.”

Amidst laughter, Jamie shared the actress’s words, recounting, “She does the cocaine, she says:

‘I’m a bad mother,’ and then she goes, ‘Wow, I didn’t think I would be in this room doing cocaine with Rick Fox.’ She thought I was Rick Fox the whole f***** night, bro. She thought I was Rick Fox. I was like, ‘I’m not light skin with good hair like this n****.'”

Perhaps the confusion arose due to the similarity in their last names, but regardless of the reason, Jamie found himself at the center of an amusing case of mistaken identity.

This entertaining story featuring Jamie Foxx is just the beginning of the engaging content that the new weekly podcast series, R&B Money, has to offer. Produced as part of Charlemagne Tha God and iHeartRadio’s Black Effect Podcast Network, R&B Money aims to create a platform where artists and industry executives can reflect on their experiences and share captivating stories. From discussing legendary figures like Marvin Gaye to highlighting emerging talents like Pink Sweat$, the podcast promises to provide a space for compelling storytelling and a source of discovery for fans of R&B music.

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