Jamie Foxx ‘Damage’ From Shot Bombshell Leaks

The health of renowned actor Jamie Foxx has become the subject of intense speculation and rumors following his hospitalization in April 2023. Reports of Foxx’s medical complications sparked a wave of unfounded claims on social media, including false rumors that he was on life support. However, these claims were debunked by PolitiFact in May 2023.



More recently, another allegation emerged suggesting that Foxx had been left “paralyzed and blind” due to a blood clot in his brain caused by a COVID-19 mRNA vaccine. This claim originated from gossip columnist A.J. Benza, who cited an unnamed source during an episode of the podcast “Ask Dr. Drew” on May 30, 2023.

The allegation gained traction on social media and was even picked up by entertainment outlet OK! Magazine. However, there is currently no evidence to support these claims, and it is important to note that Foxx’s hospitalization and his COVID-19 vaccination status are unrelated.

Corinne Foxx, Jamie Foxx’s daughter, has been actively addressing the rumors and providing updates on her father’s health. On May 9, 2023, she posted a video on Instagram featuring her and her father in an advertisement for Intel laptops. Additionally, on May 12, 2023, Corinne Foxx shared an Instagram story stating that her father had been out of the hospital for weeks and was actively recuperating, even playing pickleball.

These reports were corroborated by reputable sources such as Vanity Fair and The Guardian. It is worth noting that neither Foxx nor his family have mentioned COVID-19 vaccines as a factor in his medical condition.

Unfortunately, baseless and inaccurate claims attributing health issues to COVID-19 vaccines have been rampant throughout the pandemic. While certain vaccines, such as the AstraZeneca-Oxford and Johnson & Johnson vaccines that use viral vector technology, have been associated with a slightly elevated risk of blood clotting, COVID-19 mRNA vaccines do not pose the same risk. Numerous studies have demonstrated that the risk of developing blood clotting disorders or other health problems is much higher after contracting COVID-19 than after receiving a COVID-19 vaccination.

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