Jamie Foxx Gave Actress $100 After She…

Popular actor Jamie Foxx certainly is one of the most well-accomplished, talented, and successful actors in showbiz, who often turns heads with his stunning on-screen performances. The actor has continued to prove why he remains on top of his cinematic game, for he demonstrates each character with nuance and perfection, leaving the audience mesmerized with his depictions and superb comedic timing. 



Foxx is a renowned star who is not only talented in acting but also has a remarkable sense of humor. In one of his appearances on the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show in 2021, the celebrated actor amazed his fans with his unpredictable behavior. During the show, the host inquired about the amount of cash he carries, which made the audience burst into cheers and applause. Foxx was so thrilled by the crowd’s reaction that he impulsively threw money into the audience, leaving them surprised and delighted.

Jamie Foxx, a multi-talented artist, has captivated audiences with his comedic and musical prowess for several years. With an ability to infuse depth and complexity into his on-screen characters, Foxx has demonstrated remarkable resilience in his craft. At 55 years old, he continues to showcase his versatility by taking on challenging roles in genre-defying projects and effortlessly portraying influential characters.

He is an impeccable comedian who has mastered the art of delighting the audience and delivering hilarious comedy skits. In 2021, the actor appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live Show to discuss Pandemic life and his Dave Chappelle & Al Pacino impressions. 

Actor Jamie Foxx made an appearance on a TV show to talk about his work with actress Dominique Fishback on the 2020 American sci-fi film Project Power. Fishback mentioned during the show that Foxx had assisted her financially when she lost her wallet while auditioning for the film. When the host inquired about how much money he usually carries, Foxx recounted the incident where he had helped Fishback out of a challenging situation.

While recalling the story about how Jamie Foxx once helped his co-star Dominique Fishback with money as she lost her wallet while coming to audition for their movie Project Power, Jimmy Kimmel told Foxx:

“Dominique Fishback was here a couple of weeks ago, and she told me a story about you and how she auditioned for a movie with you, and she showed up, she somehow lost her wallet, and you gave her a hundred dollars to get home,” to which the actor replied, “yeah I did.”

The actor continued, “I gave a little cash,” to which the host asked him, “How much cash do you typically carry around with,” upon which the audience started clapping and cheering, after which the host told the audience, “He’s not giving you money.”

Eating his food, Jamie Foxx walked towards the crowd and started throwing cash to his fans, leaving an indelible mark on them.

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