Jamie Foxx Getting Famous Girlfriend Pregnant?

Jamie Foxx’s relationship with girlfriend Alyce Huckstepp has reached a significant milestone, with reports indicating that the actor is keen on expanding their family, according to RadarOnline.com.



The couple, described as “smitten,” is currently relishing their time together, but their plans evidently include the arrival of a new addition. The typically private star, aged 55, has been quietly seeing the charming blonde since 2022. However, sources suggest that their relationship took a momentous turn following Foxx’s recent health scare, which his family described as a “medical complication.”

According to a source quoted by The National Enquirer, Foxx faced the possibility of his mortality and now views life as a precious gift. “He’s totally in love. He’s going to propose soon — probably over the holidays — and knowing Jamie, he’ll make it very romantic,” the source divulged.

Despite being a father to two daughters, Corinne, 29, and Anelise, 15, from previous relationships, Foxx reportedly yearns to embark on the journey of parenthood once more with Alyce. “Jamie says he misses having little ones around. Plus, he would love to have a son,” a source shared.

The actor apparently holds a firm belief that settling down and embracing married life is the right path for him. Despite his brief disappearance earlier this year, Foxx emerged in July to express his gratitude for the outpouring of support during his challenging time. “I cannot even begin to tell you how far it took me and how it brought me back. I went through something that I thought I would never, ever go through,” he shared.

Reflecting on his decision to keep a low profile, Foxx elaborated, “I just didn’t want you to see me like that… I just didn’t want you to see me with tubes running out of me and trying to figure out if I was going to make it through.” With a newfound perspective on life, Foxx appears determined to make the most of his second chance, both personally and professionally.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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