Jamie Foxx Had ‘Career Saved’ By Girlfriend’s Ex-Husband

Popular actor Jamie Foxx initially made an effort to succeed as a musician. At 5, he started learning Piano. Foxx was given a scholarship to United States International University, where he studied composition for the performing arts and musicals. Later on, he tried his hands in the film and television industry as an actor and comedian, which was challenging in the beginning.



It has been noted that he once sincerely admitted that a number of well-known Hollywood actors have played a major role in his acting career.

Jamie Foxx‘s acting talent has drew praise and a devoted following, from his critically acclaimed roles in Ray and Collateral to his scene-stealing performance in Django Unchained.

But initially, he was not interested in pursuing an acting career. At first, he was drawn to music. He anticipated becoming a famous R&B singer after moving to Los Angeles, as he recalled in an interview with The Mercury:

“I was going to be the next Lionel Richie. I had the curls. I had the pants and the suit.”

Foxx eventually delivered a few commercial hits to pursue his dream of becoming a musician. However, this came after his career as an actor and comedian took off:

“I went onstage and held a microphone like Eddie Murphy or Richard Pryor. I started acting as if I was a comedian to get on In Living Color and it worked.”

He later tried to use that in the television and movie industries. It was difficult at first because many acting roles were taken by more well-known Black artists. But everything changed when he was cast in Collateral alongside Tom Cruise, the ex-husband of Jamie’s ex-girlfriend Katie Holmes. He recalled:

“When I was starting in movies, it was as if all the slots were already taken. Chris Tucker, he had his slot sewn up. Will Smith, he had his slot sewn up. I’ve been lucky enough to have Oliver Stone, Michael Mann and Tom Cruise say, ‘We believe in you.’ That was key.”

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