Jamie Foxx Helped Save Man From Burning Truck

Jamie Foxx’s health remains a major topic of discussion even now. That said, a tweet recently reminded fans how he rescued a man in 2016 from a burning truck, pulling him from his vehicle before it engulfed in flames.



According to CNN, in 2016, Foxx played a crucial role in the rescue of a man whose pickup truck had crashed and burst into flames right in front of Foxx’s own residence.

The driver of the truck, Brett Kyle, was speeding recklessly in Moorpark, a town located in Ventura County, California. Kyle’s Toyota Tacoma veered off the road, careened into a drainage ditch, and subsequently flipped over multiple times. Tragically, the vehicle came to a halt on its side, trapping Kyle inside as flames engulfed the wreckage.

Acting swiftly and without hesitation, Foxx, alongside an off-duty EMT, sprang into action. Aware of the urgency of the situation, Foxx knew he had to extricate Kyle from the burning vehicle. Determined not to abandon the injured driver, Foxx implored Kyle to cooperate and help himself. With unwavering resolve, Foxx and the EMT cut through the seat belt restraining Kyle, successfully freeing him from the pickup truck.

Officials reported that Kyle sustained numerous injuries during the harrowing accident. In the face of danger, Foxx’s courageous actions proved pivotal in ensuring Kyle’s survival. Remarkably, Foxx himself remains humble about his heroic act, viewing it not as an extraordinary feat but rather as an instinctual response to a critical situation. The actor expressed gratitude that everything worked out in the end.

The prompt arrival of fire crews further exemplified the severity of the incident. Merely a minute after Foxx and the EMT rescued Kyle, the pickup truck was completely engulfed in flames. The Ventura County Fire Department confirmed that Kyle was promptly transported to the hospital, having suffered burn injuries. Miraculously, no one else was inside the vehicle during the accident.


Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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