Jamie Foxx Helped Two Actors Before Health Emergency

The talented Hollywood actor Jamie Foxx, who had raised concerns due to health complications, was recently spotted in public for the first time since hospitalization as reported by TMZ. The Oscar-winning actor had previously shared a trailer for his upcoming Netflix film, “They Cloned Tyrone.”



Foxx stars in the film alongside John Boyega and Teyonah Parris. Their three characters stumble “onto the trail of a nefarious government experience conspiracy” in the fantasy comedy.

Speaking with Collider, Parris and Boyega talked about their time on set with the Academy Award-winning actor.

Parris showered praise on Foxx for how he was able to come up with burns on the spot, Parris says that any time she was stuck with delivering a zesty one-liner, the Day Shift actor was there to help, commenting:

“He would offer me jokes and I just think that’s so dope. He’s like, ‘Here’s a joke that would cut me down, that’d make me look crazy,’ and so that was dope.” She also had plenty of nice things to say about working with Star Wars alum Boyega, referring to his character, Fontaine, as the cast’s “metronome.” While Parris’ Yo-Yo was “very high energy” and Foxx’s “Slick is what he is,” The Marvels star says that Fontaine was cool and collected, describing Boyega as bringing “a very calm, smooth, just chill energy to the trio that helped to balance.”

Likewise, Boyega praised both Foxx and Parris’ performances saying, “The extroverted high energy from Yo-Yo kind of teaches you your place in a sense, but yet still gives the gang some form of energy that keeps you motivated as you go through a scene. And then with Jamie, just the ability to improv and just to get a scene on paper, but to be able to kind of shake it up a little bit, you know, give us new ideas and just kind of give you the freedom to be able to imagine a little bit more. That’s real cool.”

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