Jamie Foxx Intimacy With Body Double Revealed

Actor Jamie Foxx had once went too far for an intimate scene. He alerted the director of the film to cut the scene as fast as he could.  Even though the director of this action film had collaborated with Foxx on another project prior to this, he got immensely uncomfortable sitting behind the camera.



Foxx once said in an interview that he had to convince the director above and beyond for a film treatment of the buddy cop 1980s series that made headlines back in the day.

Playing Ricardo Tubbs, Jamie Foxx holds the passionate memories of the film quite close. Talking to The Sydney Morning Herald shortly after the release of the film, he confessed how he felt about filming the intimate scenes with the body double of co-star Naomie Harris.

“Her body was ‘whoa.’ Whoever picked her was right on. She had never done it before. So, they were setting up the shot, hanging the lights, and she just walked on to the set, took her robe off, and goes ‘Where do I go?’”

Miami Vice, according to Jamie Foxx, gave him a chance to really get into the roots of his heritage. Michael Mann couldn’t handle the raw passion that Foxx displayed during the scene.

Naomie Harris joked to the media outlet that Jamie Foxx proudly wanted everyone to know that he has a way with s-x scenes. Though Michael Mann cleared the room as much as possible to make Harris feel at ease, he ended up being the one to get anxious over seeing Foxx going all out with the body double.

“I think it kind of took Michael by surprise because there’s not a lot of times you see African Americans making love on screen. I thought it was great. The first time he said action we were going at it. Then the covers come off. We’re both nude. Then I heard ‘Cut, cut’. Mann came over and said ‘S**t.’ I said ‘What’s wrong?’ He said ‘I don’t know if I can shoot this.’”

He continued:

“I said ‘That’s black love, man. That’s how we do it. There are jungle drums playing.’”

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