Jamie Foxx Is Challenging Famous YouTuber

According to Yahoo, in a playful video, Jamie Foxx and David Dobrik displayed their enthusiasm and confidence on the pickleball court. The dynamic duo, with Foxx at 55 and Dobrik at 27, shared their fun pickleball session in a video posted on The Best Paddle’s Instagram Story.



As they walked together on the pickleball court, Foxx exclaimed, “Hey, yo, we the new duo,” setting the tone for their playful challenge. Dobrik chimed in, “We’re undefeated,” expressing their confidence in their game.

In their playful banter, they even issued a challenge to professional pickleball players like Tyson McGuffin, with Dobrik saying, “Even if Tyson wants to come out here and challenge us.” Foxx enthusiastically concluded the video with, “Come on, baby, we good right now!”

Jamie Foxx has been seen playing pickleball multiple times as part of his recovery process following a medical emergency in April. He has been actively engaging in the sport, showcasing his skills and good spirits.

While details about Foxx’s medical complication and recovery have been limited, his daughter Corinne Foxx provided an update in May, revealing that her father had been out of the hospital for weeks and was recuperating. Foxx’s love for pickleball has been a part of his journey to recovery, and he has also been seen enjoying the last days of summer with his girlfriend, Alyce Huckstepp, in Mexico.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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