Jamie Foxx & Kanye West Sad Accusation Revealed

Matt Wallace took to Twitter and falsely claimed how Jamie Foxx’s illness was all ploy to silence him, the same thing they did to Kanye West.


Jamie Foxx is one of the only outspoken Christians in Hollywood. Out of nowhere he mysteriously got EXTREMELY ILL with an “unknown” illness that hinders the ability to move/see. SAME THING HAPPENED TO KANYE WEST!!! WAKE UP!!!

Jennifer Aniston has taken to her Instagram Story to clarify her recent social media activity after facing accusations of “liking” Jamie Foxx’s seemingly antisemitic message. The 54-year-old actress vehemently denied purposefully endorsing the post and expressed her disapproval of antisemitism and any form of hate. She emphasized that she does not tolerate hate of any kind and wants to be clear that she does not support such views.

Earlier, Jamie Foxx, who is currently recovering from a medical complication, posted a troubling message on his Instagram, which mentioned Jesus and included hashtags like “Fake Friends” and “Fake Love.” The post was met with backlash and accusations of spreading antisemitic rhetoric, prompting Foxx to apologize. He clarified that his words were meant to refer to a fake friend who betrayed him, not to promote hate, and he expressed his love and support for the Jewish community.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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