Jamie Foxx Melted Down In Audition With Top Gun Star

Popular actor Jamie Foxx certainly enjoyed his time when he worked with Tom Cruise in Collateral. The movie was a commercial success and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 star’s performance also received critical appreciation. Foxx believes none of this would have been possible without the advice of director Michael Mann.



Jamie Foxx has appeared in several significant roles in his career. The actor won an Oscar for his role in Ray while the star also worked with Hollywood’s iconic director Quentin Tarantino in Django Unchained.

However, appearing on The Graham Norton Show, the actor revealed that he lost a role in Tom Cruise starrer Jerry Maguire. “I actually went to audition for Jerry Maguire and the story with that Tom Cruise is doing, you know, Jerry Maguire,” Foxx said. “So, they had the guy sees me read and LA and just, I want you to go to read TC [Tom Cruise] in New York,” he added.

Foxx then asked, “Who?” and they said it was Cruise and the actor went to read. “As I’m reading I’m loud, ‘Show me the money, you know what I’m sayin’? You know what I mean?’” Foxx revealed while Cruise was reading his lines in silence. “So, I thought he’d lost his place.”

As Cruise said that he was waiting for Foxx’s line, the Ray actor went nervous as he recalled that he was sweating.

“Anyway, I didn’t get the part and you know of course you know Cuba Gooding got the part. But I had to learn how to bring it down and then later on I did collateral with Tom Cruise and then got nominated for an Oscar.”

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