Jamie Foxx Melted Down Over Katie Holmes On Live TV

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes certainly had a complicated relationship in the past. They attracted all the media attention. Some claimed that the relationship was all a PR stunt for the two. the relationship between the two did not last the test of time, but as we’ll reveal, things ended on amicable terms between the two.



For Foxx however, getting asked about his relationship with Holmes wasn’t something he was overly eager about. In the following, we’ll take a look back at why he dipped on his ESPN interview earlier than expected. In truth, he’s far from the only celeb to do so, as Russell Crowe, among others, is another classic example of someone ending an interview early because of a bad question.

It was a high profile relationship and one the tabloids were all over at the time. Foxx and Holmes tried to make their relationship work, despite hectic schedules. Ultimately, they decided to go off on their own, and according to Us Magazine, they did so on amicable terms.

Us Magazine writes, “Foxx is happy for her and wishes her the best,” the insider says. “Jamie has moved on and is unbothered by Katie and Emilio’s romance.”

The same held true for Holmes, who still considered Foxx a friend. She was also happy about her newest relationship at the time, one that wasn’t with someone as high profile as Foxx.

“Katie has no ill will toward Jamie, but she has completely moved on from him and just thinks of Jamie in a friend type of way now.”

The publication continues, “[She] is happy she can be free and comfortable with her relationship with Emilio and doesn’t need for it to be private, like her past relationship with Jamie Foxx was.”

It seems like Foxx was into the idea of his relationship being public either as during a brief interview with ESPN, he decided to dodge a certain statement related to his ex, Katie Holmes.

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