Jamie Foxx Movie In Trouble: ‘He Stole Millions’

According to Business Insider, Ernestine Elliott’s experience with lawyer Willie Gary following her daughter’s tragic death in a car accident in 2014 sheds light on a pattern of alleged legal mishandling and client grievances. Elliott’s lawsuit against Gary, whose towering reputation had previously been built on high-profile settlements with corporate giants, accused him of missed deadlines and a failure to sue the responsible parties, resulting in a meager settlement far below the promised “billion-dollar recovery.”



The discontent voiced by Elliott is not an isolated incident. A number of other former clients and a former secretary have also come forward, leveling accusations of sexual misconduct, mismanaged cases, and unpaid dues. These individuals expressed frustration at Gary’s portrayal in the film “The Burial,” which depicts him as a champion of justice and integrity. Some critics of Gary, like Luisa Esposito, even suggested that there might be a sequel revealing the alleged misdeeds that resulted in multimillion-dollar theft.

Gary’s own life story, from a childhood of poverty to his ascent as a formidable legal figure, seemed tailor-made for Hollywood. His firm’s history of securing substantial settlements, including a notable $500 million verdict in the “Loewen” case, was lauded. However, a darker side emerged, with allegations of ethical violations, including claims that he secured excessive payments for himself in a Ford lawsuit settlement, contrary to his clients’ interests. Moreover, reports of sexual misconduct surfaced, with accusations from former clients and a secretary, including incidents of sexual assault and rape.

Among the accusations, there were claims of conflicts of interest and questionable agreements with corporations, raising ethical concerns. Gary’s firm was accused of pocketing millions without adequate representation and engaging in settlements with gag orders, preventing the disclosure of details to the public. Despite some legal complaints and internal disputes, including a pending case involving the alleged misappropriation of settlement funds, Gary’s legal career continues to draw attention to both his successes and the controversies surrounding his practice.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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