Jamie Foxx Reportedly ‘Going Blind’ After Blood Clot

A recent unverified report by OkMagazine has unveiled distressing details about the medical condition of renowned actor Jamie Foxx, suggesting that he is partially paralyzed and blind following complications arising from receiving the v-accine, though this is totally unproven.



The claims were made by Hollywood journalist A.J. Benza, who disclosed that a source close to Foxx revealed he had experienced a blood clot in his brain after receiving the vaccine. According to Benza, Foxx had initially been reluctant to receive the shot but was pressured to do so due to the requirements of a movie he was working on at the time.

Benza shared this information during an appearance on Dr. Drew Pinsky’s online show, “Ask Dr. Drew,” emphasizing that the details were provided by someone who had firsthand knowledge of Foxx’s hospitalization. He further speculated whether the actor’s recent outburst on set and subsequent firing of several individuals were linked to the mounting frustrations surrounding vaccine mandates.

Foxx was admitted to the hospital on April 11 due to a “medical complication,” although specific information about his current health status has been difficult to ascertain. As a result of his condition, production for his latest film, “Back in Action,” in which he stars alongside Cameron Diaz, proceeded with a body double standing in for him.

Jamie had a blood clot in his brain after he got the shot. He did not want the shot, but the movie he was on, he was pressured to get it.

The blood clot in the brain caused him at that point to be partially paralyzed and blind,” Benza alleged, as he insisted his insider was “someone in the room” with first-hand knowledge of Foxx’s hospitalization.

“I am thinking, ‘Is that why he blew up on the set a week before this medical emergency happened?'” the veteran journalist asked Pinsky. “Is that why he fired three or four people because he had had it with these mandates?”

However, on May 12, Foxx’s daughter, Corrine, contradicted the reports circulating in the media, stating that her father had been out of the hospital for weeks and was in the process of recovering. She dismissed the rumors, assuring the public that Foxx was actively engaged in activities such as playing pickleball and hinted at an upcoming work announcement.

Benza addressed the family’s statement on his podcast, dismissing it as untrue. He expressed skepticism regarding the claims about Foxx’s recovery, suggesting that their choice of words and the mention of non-verbal communication methods hinted at a different reality. Pinsky joined the discussion, clarifying that a blood clot in the brain is, in fact, a stroke, and it results in the affected part of the brain ceasing to function due to a blockage in the artery supplying blood to that area.

As the public awaits further updates on Foxx’s health, speculation and uncertainty continue to shroud the circumstances surrounding his condition. The severity and implications of his reported medical complications depend on various factors, including the specific artery involved and the resulting impact on different parts of the brain.


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