Jamie Foxx Rips Off Floyd Mayweather In Video

Jamie Foxx ripped off Floyd Mayweather’s voice with an impersonation to his face in a funny new video seen below.



The undefeated pro boxer Floyd Mayweather and his family have been involved in the sport. The former champ comes from a family of boxers, including his father Floyd Mayweather Sr. who was a professional boxer during the 1970s and 80s. Moreover, Mayweather’s Uncle Roger also competed as a professional boxer and was also ‘Money’s’ trainer until he passed away in 2020.

His father was his trainer during the early days and played a huge role in his success. ‘Money’ even moved his family over to Las Vegas so that he could be with them. Some friendly exchanges between the family members, as there was an incident in which Mayweather’s father and uncle took shots at each other’s hairline.

Floyd Mayweather family members jokes about each other

In a video uploaded on The Mayweather boxing channel, Floyd Mayweather’s father and uncle compare each other’s hair and take shots at each other after the reporter asked them who among them had better hair.

 He asked, “Who’s got better hair, Floyd, you or Jeff? ” to which Mayweather’s uncle hilariously responded by saying,” he’s got no hair.” His father then stated that he’s got more hair than Jeff, who once again trolled him by saying,” I can see his skin right now

The reporter then told Jeff that people love to talk about his hair and that he should not be talking about his brother’s hair. He said, “People love to talk about your hair. You can’t be talking about your brother’s hair.” Jeff once again hilariously replied by saying,” Because they know it’s nice.”

Moreover, the reporter also asked who among them had more hair 30 years ago. The pair were dumbstruck by this question and looked at each other for a while, after which Jeff said, “Man, I don’t know. 30 years ago I wasn’t even born yet.

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