Jamie Foxx Undergoes ‘Intensive’ Hospital Treatment

Popular actor Jamie Foxx’s health issues have been concerning for his fans. The updates have been sparse ever since the actor was rushed to the hospital from the sets of his upcoming Netflix movie.



Over the last two months, Foxx has been battling a mysterious illness that hasn’t been disclosed. After the actor thanked his fans for their love, he has not been in touch ever since.

Update on Jamie Foxx

A new report finally gives an update on the actor’s health, and it is safe to say that things are looking up.

Jamie Foxx’s fans have been worried sick ever since the actor landed in the hospital and have been praying for his recovery. RadarOnline has finally updated the people on the actor’s condition. According to a recent report, Jamie is undergoing intensive physiotherapy and is on the way to recovery. While the cause of his health condition still remains a secret, the report has revealed that Jamie is facing mobility issues.

An insider revealed, “Jamie is receiving treatment at one of the top physical rehabilitation centers in the country.” The source added, “The clinic specializes in physical therapy programs to treat injuries or a physical condition that limits or prohibits the ability to walk or walk correctly.” 

The source also explained that the clinic is specifically known to teach people how to walk again. The insider continued, “Jamie would not be at this clinic if he was not impaired in some way as a result of whatever happened to him. But fans should rest assured: Jamie is in the best of care at this type of clinic.”

Journalist and A.P Benza recently claimed that Jamie Foxx has been “paralyzed” and turned “partially blind.” The journalist said that the actor had been diagnosed with a blood clot that led to him being “partially blind and paralyzed.” He also claimed that this was a side effect caused by the vaccine that Jamie took.

“Jamie had a blood clot in his brain after he got the shot. He did not want the shot, but the movie he was on, he was pressured to get it,” A.P Benza’s source claimed.

Jamie’s friend Nick Cannon recently told fans that the actor will update the fans about his health when “he is ready to.” While his daughter’s last update read that the actor was “recuperating.”

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