January 6th Rioter Gets Death Threats After Trump Conspiracy

One-time supporter of former President Donald Trump and viewer of Fox News, Ray Epps has claimed that he received death threats and had bullet casings left on his property. It happened following the network aired claims that he was a federal agent who helped fuel the Jan 6 Capitol riot.



It has been noted that his attorney, Michael Teter, spoke with CNN. host Jake Tapper on Thursday about his lawsuit against Fox and how conspiracy theories echoed by former network anchor Tucker Carlson and other guests put his life in danger.

“The moment that Fox and Mr. Carlson began talking about Ray Epps on their shows, Ray Epps and his wife began receiving death threats in the mail, in voicemails and text messages,” Teter told Tapper in an interview on The Lead.

“People began driving past their house where they had not just their home, but also their wedding venue business, having guns, holding guns outside their trucks and cars as they drove past.”

For nearly a couple of years, Carlson and guests on his show claimed Epps was an undercover federal agent who incited the riots at the Capitol building on Jan. 6, 2021. In April, the Department of Justice told 60 Minutes that Epps “has never been an FBI source or an FBI employee.”

Epps’ attorney also said that his client and family found bullet casings on the grounds of their property.

“At one point, a local FBI agent alerted Ray to the fact that there were credible threats against Ray on the dark Web,” Teter added.

“Ray became a focal point of the right-wing conspiracy theory after Fox began talking about him. And it took off and the viewers and others began harassing and intimidating and threatening both Ray and Robyn,” the attorney concluded.

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