Jaxson Ryker and Forgotten Sons ready to return to TV

The Forgotten Sons were brought up to SmackDown after WrestleMania and seemed to be on their way to a title run. Unfortunately, a tweet from their leader, Jaxson Ryker, resulted in them getting pulled off TV.



Ryker praised President Donald Trump on Twitter, receiving quite a lot of backlash from fans and co-workers alike. Originally, the group was going to capture the SmackDown Tag Team Titles before Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura took over.

It’s been a little while since that tweet was sent. Now, The Forgotten Sons are ready to get back to work.




With the SmackDown tag division suffering some hefty losses thanks to injuries, The Sons would be a welcome sight. Hopefully, the heat on Jaxson Ryker has cooled down at this point.

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