JBL Comments on Returning to WWE and If He Would Join TNA or Not

– Below are some highlights from JBL’s latest blog on his Facebook page:



“Will I return to WWE? I doubt it, but you never know. I am not looking for a job and they are not asking me to return so it has not come up. I had to retire due to injuries, and yes, the 23 second match with Rey at Wrestlemania was my idea-at that point in my career due to injuries I could not have had any type of real match.

I was so hurt at that point that I literally couldn’t walk anywhere of distance and didn’t have the ability to work out. I hated being out of shape and realized I was tired of smoke and mirrors to hide my inadequacies-I didn’t want to be one of those old guys who had held on too long and I was in danger of becoming exactly that.”

“Would there be any scenario I would return? Yes. I enjoy commentary and love performing-I am a lifelong wrestling fan who loved the art of the business. I hate travel and as you can see, for me; my life is just what I want right now. But, if the right spot opened up than WWE is my family and I would think strongly about returning. The one return I did in Dallas with Stone Cold and Michael Cole made me remember how much I loved the business.

So, we’ll see-odds are no return, but you never know.

Will I go to TNA? One of my best friends Bruce Prichard is there running talent relations and I have always gotten along great with Eric Bischoff as well as Dixie Carter-all I consider friends. I also have some wonderful friends working there as talent. It would be an enjoyable experience working there and their schedule is very appealing.

However, at the end of the day, I am a WWE guy-and would have a hard time working anywhere else. I had an offer to do radio somewhere other than TRN-who I worked for several years and I turned it down out of loyalty. I do my Internet show but that is with TRN’s blessing. Loyalty to me is always above money.

I’m not saying it’s 100 percent no option, but right now I have no desire to go anywhere other than WWE-even though I am not under contract and may never work there again. Odds are I will do something in the future, but maybe a one off-who knows. Wrestling though is pretty much off the table.”

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